Dojo guidance of "Imabari Kenyuukai"
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 1) History
"Ehime Nippon Kempo Renmei",Federation of Nippon Kempo in Ehime was born in August 1, 2006. In the same year the first game of Nippon Kempo in Ehime was held on 3rd September.
In April 30, 2007 we established our team named "Imabari Kenyuukai" as a branch of "Ehime Nippon Kempo Renmei".
In April 1, 2008 we established our team named "Nippon Kempo Imabari Junior Sports Club"as a branch of "Japan Junior Sports Clubs Association".
In May, 2008 we joined "Nippon Kempo Renmei" .
In May, 2009 we joined "Nippon Kempo Zenkoku Shonen Renmei" .
In September, 2010 we joined "Nippon KempoShakaijin Renmei".
January 1, 2012. Itami Branch of "Imabari Kenyuukai" established.
In May 29, 2012 we joined "Imabari-shi Sports Association".
April 1, 2014. Iwakuni Branch of "Imabari Kenyuukai" established.
 2) Action policy
 Nippon Kempo has been developed as a combination of material arts of various fighting match,and has been applied in many areas,such as skills in arresting criminals for Japanese policemen and basic trainings of Japanese Self-Defense Forces. Now Nippon Kempo has become one of the most popular sports in Japan and you will find a club team in every university. In Japanese Self-Defense Forces where the members are required to cope with critical situations almost all the troops formed in every prefecture adopted the training of Nippon Kempo for their training.
 In Ehime Prefecture,however,only a few teams have just started their activities,and they are in a developing stage. Although almost all our team members are beginners,we share a mutual goal,and are acting together under our Action Policy,"Good societies will be created by good citizens and we will serve our society by encouraging people in our community."Our goals are to realize traditional Japanese culture,to appreciate decorum,discipline,and faith,and to encourage both our physical and mental health through the training of Nippon Kempo.
 We will contribute our society by our club activities.
April, 2007     
 3) Chairman / Instructor
 Ide Hiroyuki 村上信太郎  Murakami Yasushi
Ide Hiroyuki
(Honorary chairman) 
Murakami Shintaro
(Honorary chairman)
Murakami Yasushi
(Chief director)
・Congressist of Imabari-shi
・10th Chairperson of municipal assembly of Imabari-shi
Died January 19, 2023 73 years old
・Member of Ehime Prefectural Assembly

・Nippon Kempo 6-st Dan (Go-dan)
・The 18s captain, Alumnus of
 Nippon Kempo Club of Chukyo university
・President of Ehime Nippon Kempo Renmei
・Senior Instructor of Nippon Kempo Renmei
・Japan Karatedo Federation (JKF)2-st Dan (Ni-dan) ,Judo 1-st Dan (Syo-dan)
 4) Training time / Training place
 ■[Imabari-nishi Dojo]
 (Training date)
 (Tue.) (Thurs.) (Sat.) Every week
 (Training time)
 【Kid class】  19:00 - 20:40
 【General class】・【Woman class , Exercise class】 19:00 - 22:00
 (Training place)
 554-3,Yamazi,Imabari City Ehime Prefecture 794-0072 Japan.
 Imabari-nishi Junior high school  TEL. +81-898-22-0411  Fax. +81-898-25-0063
 Imabari Kenyuukai  Imabari Kenyuukai
 It is near the Coop Ehime of the national highway No. 156 line from Imabari City to Matsuyama City.       <Map

 ※I may change training time and a training place . Please check schedule.
 5) Address
 Murakami Yasushi
 2-2-25,Gohon-cho,Imabari City,Ehime Prefecture 794-0823 Japan.
 TEL. +81-898-32-5237  FAX. +81-898-32-5238
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