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 1) Preface
At first, nobody of those who know Nippon Kempo was in my circumference.
What is Nippon Kempo?
And history started.
It was the beginning from zero at first.
The gym of Nippon Kempo established with my hobby is the "Imabari kenyukai"
A official name is "Imabari Kenyukai"
But my daughter calls it "Imabari Kentomokai"
 2) Birthplace of Nippon Kempo in Ehime
Matsuyama kenyuukai Matsuyama kenyuukai
The conference room in the head office of the building company JOW of Kishimachi, Matsuyama-shi.
An employee and a non-employee gather on Wednesday night every week.
They fix a protective gear and spirit enters by training.
Introduction of Nippon Kempo "Matsuyama kenyukai" was carried by Ehime Shimbun-sha "Good sweat, attractive looks" on November 9, 2005.
Availing of the news item of Matsuyama kenyukai, I visited Matsuyama kenyukai together with the member of alumnus meeting of the Nippon Kempo club of Chukyo University,
Having participated in the protective gear training of Matsuyama kenyukai became the motive to reopen Nippon Kempo which was stopping activity, after my graduating from Chukyo University.
The cradle of Nippon Kempo is Osaka and the cradle of Nippon Kempo in Ehime Prefecture is in Matsuyama kenyuukai.
 3) Imabari Gym
Matsuyama kenyuukai Matsuyama kenyuukai
The gym is in the prefabricated warehouse beside a certain tavern.
There is no signboard of the gym in a warehouse.
When the light is switched on at night and external people hear the voice of a KIAI, those who do not know that there is a gym may think that they are strange scenes.
There is also no advertising media, such as a poster of member collection. By recommendation of word-of-mouth communication and a member, a visitor sometimes visits.

By fixing a safe protective gear, all the battle training of striking, kicking, throwing, and GYAKUTORI was attained, and Nippon Kempo pursued the spirit of the sport combative.
日本拳法 今治拳友会